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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

A product range suited for all environments

G2mobility offers a range of four charge point models, suitable for all types of environments and use cases.
Discover their differences but also their common characteristics.



Compact, robust, made of electro-galvanized steel
Indoor and outdoor parking
Wallbox or with a mounting base



Compact, robust, made of polycarbonate
Indoor and outdoor parking
Wallbox or with a mounting base



Compact, sleek, made of aluminum
Indoor and outdoor parking
Wallbox or with a mounting base
Can also include a contactless payment by credit card terminal


DIVA Smart

Resistant, robust, made of aluminum
Roadway, outdoor parking
Locked and secured doors
Can include a connection to a local electricity network box
Can also include a contactless payment by credit card terminal

Their features

High quality and easy-to-use charging stations, for a fluent user experience

Our EVSEs are made in France, interoperable, resistant, eco-designed, customizable, connected ... Some of them can include payment solutions, screens, and many other additional options. Find below some of their features and contact us to learn more and receive our products data sheets.


Charge points personalized to your image

Owning an EVSE positions you as an innovative and responsible organization. G2mobility helps you promote this valuable asset by customizing your charge points with your colors and logo. With a choice of colors and the application of personalized stickers, your terminals will convey a positive image of your brand.

Eco conception

Eco-friendly charge points

G2mobility is a cleantech company whose activity contributes to the energy transition and sustainable development. But the environmental responsibility of the company goes further: by using recyclable materials and optimizing its logistics flows, G2mobility minimizes the carbon footprint associated with the manufacturing of its products.

Material resistance

High quality charge points made to last

Our charge points are subject to daily use and, for those installed outdoors, exposed to weather conditions. They are designed for a long service life and manufactured with the most resistant materials such as electro-galvanized steel, aluminum and polycarbonate. The protection ratings against ingress of solid foreign objects and liquids and against shocks are respectively IP55 and IK10.

Power and plugs

Charge service for everyone !

To suit all brands and types of electric vehicles, our charge points are equipped with European standard sockets (T2, T2S, E/F) and deliver powers of 7kVA (semi-accelerated charge) or 22kVA (accelerated charge). The maximum power can be reduced according to users’ needs and building constraints.


Cutting-edge technology

The latest from French-Tech

To connect the charge points to a supervision system, G2mobility uses the most up-to-date “Open Charge Point Protocol” (ie OCPP 1.6 to date), a communication standard used worldwide, as well as the software tools to supervise and remotely manage the charge points, and also to implement smart charging policies, whether static or dynamic, across the entire network. All the solutions developed by G2mobility are organized with an architecture entirely open to market standards at all levels:
– Charge points: ALTO, SOPRANO, DIVA S and DIVA SP models.
– The G2box, a local unit to manage and optimize the charge points performance. A mixture of technology and innovation, the G2box includes advanced features (optimization, security, smart charging).
– The G2smart central platform brings the entire application suite to operate the charge points and connect them with the rest of the world (interoperability).

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