Our solutions for vehicles fleet

For entire or partial electric fleets

to facilitate the transition to electromobility

Comply with regulation in the context of the ecological transition.
Optimize your expenses while reducing combustion vehicles variable and recurring costs.
Minimize your company’s impact on the environment by reducing its carbon footprint.
Invest in a sustainable solution that you can promote and build value on.

A comprehensive solution

for a seamless migration from combustion to electric vehicles


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

G2mobility offers diverse smart charge points models. The Alto and Soprano models are particularly adapted to meet the demanding needs of professional fleets. Alto and Soprano are adapted to indoor and outdoor parking lots, and available in wallbox format or with a mounting base.

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Charge points management and supervision

We have the resources to best manage, operate and supervise your EVSE and the charge service user experience. You can optimize the use, availability and profitability of your infrastructure thanks to various advanced tools on G2smart web platform: processing of security alerts, tracking of usage statistics, remote operations on the charge points individually, and so on.

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Smart charging and energy management

Electromobility large-scale development has to include a responsible and sustainable approach of the energy used by the vehicles. Thanks to the G2box, G2mobility perfectly masters local energy management (micro grid). The G2box enables charging strategies implementation, charge policies that are adapted to users’ needs and infrastructure constraints. Various subjects are at stake: optimizing infrastructure costs, reducing charge service costs and minimizing the carbon footprint, while meeting users’ needs.
As a smart charging pioneer in France, G2mobility manages responsibly your electric vehicle supply equipment, to enhance user experience and optimize expenses.

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User services management

To give your employees a fluent and efficient electromobility experience, G2mobility can handle different user profiles and their associated rights. It will enable you to control access conditions to the charge service, implement different pricings according to different profiles while enhancing user experience.

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