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A comprehensive and efficient charge service

for energy, EVSE and user services management

Smart Charging and energy management, EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) management, user services management: the implementation of a comprehensive and efficient charging service relies on a variety of specialized skills. By integrating these different skills, using its own expertise or in association with partners, G2mobility is the single entry point taking charge of all services associated with charging electric vehicles.

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Smart charging,
EVSE supervision and management,
User services

Smart charging, smart energy management

Electric mobility large-scale development has to include a responsible and sustainable approach of the energy used by the vehicles. Thanks to the G2box, G2mobility perfectly masters local energy management (micro grid). The G2box enables charging strategies implementation, charge policies that are adapted to users’ needs and infrastructure constraints. Various issues are at stake: optimizing infrastructure costs, reducing charge service costs and minimizing the carbon footprint, while meeting users’ needs.
As a smart charging pioneer in France, G2mobility manages responsibly your electric vehicle supply equipment, to enhance user experience and optimize expenses.

There is room for optimizing electric vehicles charging: a vehicle is parked on average 20 hours a day, and only a few hours are needed to charge a vehicle. This gives us the opportunity to optimize the use of existing EVSE, and implement relevant optimization mechanisms to address needs, local energy environment constraints and the global energy context.

Charging electric vehicles without a predefined charging policy increases power peaks. To smartly manage energy, we can shift load periods from energy consumption peak times to low energy consumption periods, thereby smooth the load curve of electric vehicles. This enables to transfer the constraint to software solutions rather than on hardware.

We can optimize electric vehicles charging at different spatio-temporal levels, defining a policy for one charge point or the entire charging station, whether in near real time, in the medium term or in the long term.

The charging policies are defined on a monitoring tool, which can be G2smart (G2mobility’s supervision solution), or another OCPP-compliant platform, as long as a remote link is allowed on the G2box. You can define a customized charge policy adapted to your needs and constraints.

The G2box, which connects the charge points to the monitoring system and vice versa, implements the charge policies defined beforehand. It carries out a control on each charge points according to the general policy of the charging station. It is also a local regulator of power demand and short-term planning of the charge policy.

G2mobility assists you to define a custom load policy and monitor performance. We can set up a charge policy for a particular site, taking into account load requirements and energy constraints. We also offer an annual service to optimize the performance of the charging policy, as well as one-time charge policy audits for a particular site.

EVSE supervision and management

G2mobility offers the optimal means to manage, operate and supervise your EVSE and its use. You can optimize the use, availability and cost-effectiveness of your charge points thanks to numerous advanced tools integrated into G2smart platform: alarm processing, use statistics monitoring, generated revenues, remote operations on your EVSE … As a 100% cloud platform, G2smart is accessible via a web portal and can remotely control charge points compliant with OCPP 1.5 and 1.6, OCPP being an open communication protocol used by G2mobility and many e-mobility players in France and around the world.

Thanks to G2smart supervision tool, you can keep an eye on your EVSE, and have access to various statistics at any time:

• Historical operation of the charge points
• Data depth of charging sessions by charge point and by user
• Data depth of breakdowns and alerts
• Configuring customized alerts

On G2smart, you can perform various remote actions on your EVSE:

• Start or end a charging session
• Make a reservation or cancel it
• Unlock a connector

On G2smart, you can have access to first-level energy management functionalities:

• Set IMAX (maximum power delivered)
• Installation work, energy contract and greenhouse gas emissions savings
• For advanced power management features: see the Smart Charging category above

On G2smart, manage access rights and users in a very simple and intuitive way:

• Set up and modifications of authorizations
• View of authorized drivers for all areas
• Access historical session per driver

You can also view and download data that can then be used:

• Use statistics per charge point and driver
• Number of charge sessions
• Energy consumption statistics
• Real-time map

G2mobility develops powerful data analysis tools thanks to big data technology and business intelligence approaches mastered by the company.

User services management

To offer your employees a fluent and efficient e-mobility experience, G2mobility gives you access to all its experience and know-how with a turnkey solution for electric vehicle charge service in workplaces. G2 Charge Services solution covers all the needs from EVSE technical management, charge service availability and users management (access, payment), which relies on Easytrip’s know-how and expertise with its KiWhi Pass solution.

Definition of a pricing policy to access the charge service according to:

• The charge point
• The charge point power
• The timetable
• The user profile

• Access and associated rights setting and management
• Definition of various user profiles and their associated rights
• Add, remove or modify users

• Use and transactions reports
• Invoicing monthly or yearly

• Opening a user account: company vehicle, car provided by the employer, employee’s vehicle (subscription being paid by the employee or the employer depending on the case)
• Supply of an authentication and payment card allowing access to KiWhi Pass compliant public charge points network (or restricted to the company according to customer needs)
• Account management and regular billing via the user portal