A key player for E-mobility

"Paving the way for the electric cars
requires more than just plugs !"

G2mobility is a smart charging solutions provider, offering:

  • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) adapted to all types of environment (roadways, indoor and outdoor parking spaces) and uses (individual cars, company fleets);
  • A central and universal management and supervision system, delivered in SaaS (Software as a Service), G2smart, compatible with OCPP compliant charge points (OCPP is an open communication protocol for charge points);
  • A local management tool, the G2box, also compliant with OCPP charge points, which offers advanced performance optimization, security and Smart Charging features.

Our story

Convictions and ambitions

It is above all a story of convictions: conviction that we need to act and react to the current unsustainable global development; belief in the ability of a lost humanity to find within itself, the will, the energy and the motivation to be part of a change; finally, faith in technology mastered to offer accessible and relevant solutions to address this challenge.

This was true in 2009 when the company was founded, and it is still the case, while the company has experienced spectacular development and is now positioned as a recognized leader in the French market.

G2mobility was created with the ambition to make a new world possible, where mobility is reinvented for the benefit of all. A new sustainable and eco-friendly mobility, which considerably reduces our carbon footprint.

Since its creation, G2mobility’s position on the development of electro mobility is based on a “internet of energy” vision, the smart grids where all electromobility components are linked: charge points, electric vehicles, “consumactors” and of course the electricity network.

This vision has been shared by prestigious investors who have supported the company’s growth: BPIfrance, Innovacom, Nexans and more recently Total who acquired G2mobility in september 2018.

Since 2015, G2mobility has been a member of the Open Charge Alliance directors board, an Amsterdam-based organization in the Netherlands, which defines OCPP protocols, an open standard for communication between charge points and supervisory systems. It thus became the first French company (and the only one to date) to join the management body of this organization, essential for the future development of electric mobility.

A committed team

a strong expertise to serve
a common purpose

Pierre Clasquin

Pierre Clasquin

Chief Executive Officer

Lionel Causse

Chief Technical Officer
Vincent Eeckhout

Vincent Eeckhout

Support Director
Guillaume Touchais

Guillaume Touchais

Sales Director

Our values

Associate innovation and ecology

Expertise and guidance

Based on our experience since 2009, we have acquired expertise in a complex market with constantly changing expectations and issues. You can rely on us to choose the more suitable charging solution, in accordance with your needs and expectations: we will advise you and surround ourselves with reliable partners.


Technological innovation

Products and services innovation is what drives us, what enables us to offer our customers complete and suitable charging solutions. With the G2box, G2mobility offers distinguished services for charge service management: performance optimization, security and smart charging, enabling the implementation of charging strategies which are adapted to the users’ needs and the infrastructure constraints.


Continuous improvement

As an innovative SME, G2mobility strives for excellence, using the lean management method to continuously improve its products, services and processes. At G2mobility, we take into account our customers and partners’ feedback, as well as the market latest issues and expectations, to offer the best possible solution for our customers.


In addition to building solutions to serve electromobility, we do our best to reduce the carbon footprint of our products during the manufacturing process: our charge points are conceived and made in France; the logistics flows to assembly the pieces are optimized to reduce transportation to a minimum; by using resistant and reusable materials, we reduce waste.

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