The keys to E-mobility

To enable the long-term development of the electric car, we offer comprehensive smart charging solutions: connected charging stations, operated by a web platform that can supervise and remotely control the charge points, and implement customized policies in order to optimize charge and electricity use.

Our charging solutions

to address all needs


Increase your employees’ satisfaction level and attract new talents with innovative services related to sustainable development.

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Vehicles fleet

Electrify your corporate vehicles fleet and manage your employees’ charge service in a simple and secure way.

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Public entities

Increase your territory attractiveness by providing residents with new innovative services that fulfill their aspiration for sustainable development.

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Retail, hotels, parking companies

Attract new customers and retain your current customers by offering access to an electric charge service on your parking lots.

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Real estate actors

Meet the demand for charging electric vehicle in collective housing and corporate real estate in compliance with the new governmental regulations.

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Did you know ?

E-mobility, industry of the future

2 millions

the electric car inventory threshold reached in 2016, which has been growing since then.*

70 millions

electric cars on the road by 2025: Original Equipment Manufacturers' goals combined.*

58 %

Raise of global plug-in vehicle deliveries between 2016 and 2017. *

70 %

expected yearly reduction in CO2 emissions per car transitioning from ICE to EV in 2020.*

A full range of products and services

for various uses of electric vehicles

Electric Vehicle
Supply Equipment (EVSE)

From roadways to indoor and outdoor parking spaces, charging stations for all uses.

A complete range

• Eco-friendly, with reusable materials
• Made in France

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Charging station management
and supervision

Get the most out of your EVSE, control your charge points remotely and be alerted on your phone or computer.

Manage your EVSE

• Real-time view
• Remote control functions
• Alerts and personalized notifications

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Smart charging
and energy management

Manage the energy of your EVSE, optimize your consumption and reduce your expenses.

Optimize the energy

• Remote control via G2smart and local execution of load programs by the G2box
• Tailor-made charge policy adapted to needs and constraints

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Charge service management: users,
payment, access

Set up an optimized access and payment solution for your EVSE users.

Secure access and payment

• Profiles and associated rights management
• Customized pricing policy
• Transactions and charge sessions tracking

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