EDF International Networks, Solstyce, G2mobility and Citelum India gather to propose a global solution for electrical vehicles charging Stations in india

Press release, New Delhi, March 19th

During the French President’s state visit to New Delhi, EDF International Networks, SOLSTYCE and G2Mobility signed a memorandum of understanding with CITELUM India to propose a global offer for the installation and operation of electric vehicle charging stations in India. The partners will bring the French expertise to support India in the ecological transition of its transport.

To facilitate and accelerate the local development of electric mobility, CITELUM, through its Indian subsidiary, with the support of three French expert and experienced companies, set up a turnkey offer ranging from dimensioning of the charging infrastructures, its integration to the electricity grid until its operation. CITELUM India, with a strong knowledge of the lighting and electrical networks Indian markets, will be responsible of the installation, supervision and operation of the charging services.

Before the installation of the charging stations, feasibility studies will be carried out by SOLSTYCE engineering teams, which will mobilize its expertise and know-how to size each project. These studies will consider the national objectives of electrification, mobility customs and technical and technological issues. EDF International Networks will assess the impact of these new charging infrastructures on the electrical grid and thus ensure an harmonious integration and consideration of local specificities. Smart grid and smart charging will be taken into account in the network impact studies conducted by EDF International Networks.

With its expertise in the development of smart charging solutions, G2mobility will provide operational solutions: management platforms and products to enable smart charging of an increasing number of electric vehicles. A range of charging stations tailored specifically to the local market for both streets and private parkings will be complemented by energy management and supervision solutions.

Companies will bring to the Indian market all the experience gained over the last 8 years on the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructures in France and in Europe.

Marie-Line Bassette, General Manager of EDF International Networks, explains that “if the connection of individual low-power terminals can have no effect on the network, the integration of stations for fleets of vehicles is likely to lead to important adaptations. The objective is to minimize the reinforcement of the network by optimizing the implementation of the terminals. EDF International Networks has this expertise. ”

Irina Khodossova, Purchasing and Innovation Director of SOLSTYCE, declares, “Each project to deploy charging infrastructures will of course consider the smartgrid and smart charging approach. Indeed, the coupling with renewable energies and the energy management of the recharge will make it possible to achieve effectively the objectives of the Indian authorities both in terms of park electrification and development of new sources of energy”.

Pierre Clasquin, CEO of G2mobility, says: “The experience gained in France, a pioneering country in the field of eco-mobility, is a real accelerator for the development of infrastructure in the Indian market, whose potential is considerable. In this context, being able to rely on strong local partners to tailor our solutions to the context and needs of the Indian market is a key success factor.”

According to Sylvain Martino, Director of Citelum India: “The deployment of charging stations for electric vehicles is a nascent market in India. Currently, there is no entity or consortium able to propose a complete offer addressing the entire value chain. It is therefore a question of proposing to the final customer, an integrated global offer based on actors with a proven experience in the field of charging stations and related services.”

India focused on electric mobility

In the context of a growing automotive market, Indian cities are facing increasing air pollution. To meet this environmental and health challenge, Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to put an end to the sale of thermal vehicles on the horizon 2030. Electric mobility will become the only possible alternative. National and local governments are now called to set up exemplary policies and to convert their fleet of vehicles and buses to electricity, thereby encouraging the massive development of electric mobility. The main challenge will be to set up an infrastructure capable of recharging a growing number of vehicles taking into account the constraints of the electricity grid.

EDF International Networks – A wholly-owned subsidiary of EDF Group, EDF International Networks offers its clients consulting, project management and performance contracts in the field of networks. Its 70-year-long expertise and innovation expertise covers all the know-how and experience of a network operator at all levels of the value chain, from technical assistance to the most demanding solutions such as smart grids. EDF International Networks’ expertise helps improving network performances and meeting the challenges of the energy transition. EDF international Networks is already involved in projects in India, such as the deployment of smart meters in New Delhi or the integration of renewable energy in Bhopal.

SOLSTYCE – French engineering and consulting company specializing in electric mobility and renewable energies (photovoltaic), Solstyce supports its customers, public and private, from upstream studies to the operational implementation of electric mobility projects. With its
experience in France and Europe, Solstyce exports its know-how internationally. After the creation of a subsidiary in Tunisia in early 2017 to cover the market in Africa and the Middle East, Solstyce is developing in Asia through upstream studies for the deployment of charging stations and consulting with industrial customers in the phases of technological and strategic transition in this new market.

G2MOBILITY – Created in 2009, G2mobility is the French leader in smart charging. The company designs, produces and implements solutions that integrate the supply of charging points adapted to different environments, the management and central supervision of the charging stations from its software tool in SaaS G2smart and the local management of user services with its G2box integrated into the terminals.
G2mobility has installed and managed over 7,500 charging points, all of which are compatible with the OCPP communication protocol defined by the Open Charge Alliance, an international organization of which G2mobility has been a board member since 2015.

CITELUM is the smart lighting and connected services subsidiary of the EDF group. CITELUM is developing its public lighting expertise in the fields of road signs, lighting and connected urban services: video surveillance, electric vehicle charging, smart parking, Wi-Fi, noise and air quality sensors… More than 1,000 cities and industries around the world have already trusted CITELUM including Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Salvador de Bahia, Copenhagen, Venice, Barcelona, Ahmedabad … CITELUM India is the Indian subsidiary of CITELUM. With its expertise in public lighting, CITELUM India aims at expanding its offer towards premium services for smart cities and electric mobility while continuing to offer smart public lighting and artistic lighting solutions.