The “BienVEnu” project: first feedbacks

In the experimental stage since September 2015 in a dozen residences, BienVEnu is a charging solution in collective housing.


At the heart of the energy transition, BienVEnu is a simple solution for the installation Electric Vehicles Supply Equipment (EVSE, or charging stations) and car-sharing (self-service vehicles) in collective housing. It was developed in response to electric mobility development and especially the need to charge electric vehicles in condominiums.

G2mobility is a partner of the BienVEnu project, the supplier of part of the EVSE but also the G2box, a local management tool compliant with OCPP* charge points. The G2box offers advanced performance optimization, security and Smart Charging features, co-developed with Centrale Supélec in the framework of the BienVEnu project.

The G2box allows the implementation of a charging policy adapted to users’ needs and energy infrastructure constraints. These smart charging strategies aim to optimize EVSE costs, reduce charging cost and its environmental impact, while meeting vehicle charging expectations.

The other partners of the BienVEnu project are:

  • ENEDIS: power connection and measures offer;
  • Centrale Supélec: charging algorithm offer and study;
  • Clem’: car-sharing offer;
  • Nexans: internal wiring and EVSE supply;
  • Park’n Plug: EVSE installation and management offer;
  • Tetragora: psycho-sociological study;
  • Trialog: communication standards compliance;
  • ADEME and Ile-de-France: financial support.


In the following video, the first feedbacks on the experiment of BienVEnu in the Paris region in France:


* OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) is an open communication standard that allows charging stations and monitoring systems from different providers to easily communicate with each other.