Advantages of electric vehicles

An electric vehicle has many advantages both individually and collectively. What are the advantages of this new means of transportation?

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The electric vehicle has many advantages. Here under are 5 good reasons to choose an electric vehicle:

Driving pleasure

One of the first advantages of an electric car is its driving quality. In the absence of noise during travel, this car produces no noise pollution. Moreover, its equipment makes it possible to start the vehicle quickly even in winter and to benefit from a motor which does not stall, because of the absence of clutch.

The environment

Beyond the comfort of driving mentioned above, the electric car is above all an ecological solution to deal with the current environmental stakes. It produces no emissions of greenhouse gas, smoke or fine particles. It is one of the most suitable solutions to fight against urban pollution.

Low maintenance

Maintaining an electric vehicle is less expensive than maintaining a diesel or petrol-powered car. Mechanically simpler, no d or filter change is necessary. Maintenance is therefore limited to changing wipers, tires, brake pads.

Economic appeal

Many countries developed financial incentives to buy electric vehicle and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). The cost of buying an electric car in some cases becomes lower than that of a traditional car. If you think long term, it is cheaper to charge your electric vehicle than to refuel.
In addition, many insurance companies want to promote electric vehicles by offering contracts 20% to 30% cheaper than conventional contracts, in France. It is probably the same elsewhere!


An electric car has an average range of 150 km to 200 km, which is quite suitable for the average daily commutes, from 50 km to 70 km / day on average in France for example. Future increase of the electric vehicles range will solve the problem of long journeys.

Thus, the electric car represents many advantages. One of the disadvantages of electric mobility is the insufficient number of charging stations. The inadequacy of the territorial grid discourages some drivers to switch to an electric car, because of the range anxiety, doubts about the autonomy of the vehicle. To promote the adoption of the electric vehicle, let’s deploy load infrastructures all over the world!

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